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lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

If London falls he will be unstoppable? Isn't he already?

Damn. I have been hallowed out, as people call it. I'll tell you about it later or tomorrow but into subject now: I had this weird lucid dream where a little blonde girl came to me and told me a bunch of things I can easily understand but at the same I can't. So... I was in this infinitely dark space and then this little cute girl came to me and said with a american accent:
-You're the one with the doll, right?- she asked with a really happy voice.
-What doll?... who are you?... wait! is this a dream?
She giggled and said- of course!, I can't speak to you in any other way from the other side, silly.
-The other side?... good; first I get possessed and then I have dreams like if I had smoked pot.
Then there was a silence that felt almost eternal.
-You saw him for the first time as a kid, right?
-Who? the... slenderman?
-The boogeyman! -she shouted very angry- he is out to get you and you don't even know about him!
-What? is he like... a monster?
-Yes, mister -she turned around and gave me the bck- he took me when I was 9... and my parents too... -she said it very slowly and started to cry a little.
-Look... I am sorry, I didn't know... could you excuse me?
She immediately got all happy and said: -That's okay mister! With the years i've learned to fight it.
-You have learned... with the years? How much time has been since... well... that happened.
-I don't know what year you are on mister, also, I don't remember it very well. I remember that there was a really evil mister in the papers all the time named Hitler.
I didn't know how she would react to the fact that it has been almost 80 years since then
-Oh... it hasn't been so long since then... Hitler was beaten by the good guys 5 years ago.
-Oh! I'm glad!
-So... why are you here?
-Why? Do you not like me?
-It is just that you don't come from the other side to chat with an english boy just because he is handsome... right?
-Oh yeah! You have to go to London!
-... um... why?
-Because it has to be saved!
-Saved? wait... by me?! you expect me to save something?!
-By anyone! London has to be saved from him!
-The boogeyman! Do you ever pay any attention?
-I guess not.
-Anyways, mister, you have to stop him, if London falls he will be unstoppable.
-I don't think I can do much.
-Well then find somebody who can!!.
-Fine! Fine! I'll do it.
-Thanks, mister!- she said as she took my hand and shaked it- before I go... what's your name?
-Travis, Travis A. Walker.
-Travis? that's an odd name-she giggled when she repeated my name.
-It is, right? -I couldn't help but smile at her childish happiness- and what is yours?
She smiled widely and said:-Claire! Claire Stanson!
I was shocked to hear my wife's name even if they did not had any relationship whatsoever.
-C-C-Claire? your name is Claire?
-Yes!... what's the problem? you don't like it?
-It's a beautiful name, in fact, is... my wife's name -I said slowly as tear started to drop from my eyes.
-And why do you cry? do you not like her? do you not love her?
-Of course I love her, I love her with all my heart; she's the reason why I am triying to escape the slend... boogeyman.
-So what's the problem, mister?
I started to cry really badly and said in a barely understandable way: -I miss her, I am afraid of not seing her again.
-Don't you worry, mister. I am sure that, if you really love her, you will defeat the boogeyman just for the sake of seeing her again.
-You can't understand how badly I wish you to be right.
-Believe me, everything will be ok, mister -she kissed me in the cheek and then ran away from my position in the dark space.

So... now I'm heading to London because a 11 year old girl in my dreams named as my wife told me to because she expects me to be all Hawke and kick Slenderman's ass from Kirkwall... I mean London. I hope that she has called a real hero to get Slenderman out from London and I am just the stupid that is there so Slenderman doesn't rape him and he rapes me instead.

Any help or data you can provide will be appreciated.

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