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lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

Hallowed out

Hello there, mates. How have you been? I hope that fine; in the other side: I’ve had the worst of experiences so far in my run. I have been hallowed, moved, possessed, however you called it. How? I’ll tell you.

I was in New Forest, Hampshire almost to get to East Dorsen, ... Dorset, duh. So, along the highway I stopped to eat some coffee beans, then I saw it: a creepy looking cabin not so inside the woods with a operator symbol on it. I thought that there could be people who could help me or at least some food or money left behind them so I got down of my bike and walker towards the cabin, examining carefully each single tree I saw along the way.

Everything smelled rotten and inside there was little to nothing: An old TV, a rotten couch, some chips bags and soda cans and a little corridor that lead to another room. I walked slowly to the next room, carefully aiming my rifle to every single thing that looked like a person or a humanoid. In the other room there were just 3 things: A black shirt on the floor, a set of those Russian matryoshka dolls (which I took with me) and a guitar, A GUITAR. I fucking love playing music, back in my house I had a piano, a guitar, a saxophone, a flute, a bass, a drum set, a violin, a ocarina etc. So I sat there and started tuning the little black babe. I don’t know how much I spent playing the guitar; I guess that it was an hour because I played 17 or 16 songs. By the time I was done the sun was going down, so I got up and slowly walked out of there.

He was at the door, waiting for me. He slowly walked towards my as I panicked and shot at him: again, the bullets caused him no harm whatsoever I didn’t had time to reload so I made the most stupid decision in the history of mankind: I pulled out my sword, started to silently cry in fear as I reckoned my own death and ran towards him sword in hand. I was going to hit him with the blade but then blacked out.

I must have been under his control for almost 5 or 6 hours. When I woke up I immediately crashed my bike (which is obvious I was driving while controlled by him) and fucked up my face with the ground. Before I could even notice the blood going down my forehead my body got all fucked and I started throwing up for a while. When I was done I looked myself in my bikes mirror and I looked even paler than normal almos as white as a sheet and my forehead’s right side was bleeding pretty badly although it didn’t hurt because I couldn’t feel much of anything. I was driving west at an incredible fast speed. Apparently I am a better driver when I am being control by a unnatural force of infinite evil, because if I dared to drive at 180 kilometres in the night with rain... man I’d be good as dead.

So now I’m heading to London, as I said in my past post, because a little girl expects me to get Slenderman out of London. I doubt I can do something against him but there is a real reason to go to London: A few decades ago London was the capital of the world and therefore capital of knowledge. Back in WWII and going as back as to America’s discovery England was the king of the world, London was the capital of the world. If there’s a place where information of slenderman can be found, that’s London. The greater London is big, really big, I mean: it’s the biggest city in all of Europe; It’ll take time to go through all of the library’s in the county but it’s not like I had something better to do right now.

Any help or data you can provide, mates, will be appreciated.

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