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sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

Some changes

So... microupdate before I go to check my experiment with the operator symbol. I just make the blog more serious and deleted the updates that might bring here another people who isn't involved in all of this. I couldn't think of anything better for the title so I just chand the "Travis" for "Survival" but I think it fits well, at the end that is our ultimate goal. Besides, now there's a real pic of me over in the profile section.

jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Searching and Thinking

I have been reading this blog called "The tutorial" wich is owned by a boy named Matt, I guess. I had readed some of the entrys in that blog like 3 months ago, but I didn't read all of it. It seems useful. I know I have to leave my house in order to avoid the ones that I love from being hurt. I'm just doing some research in the Slenderman before I leave because I know that once I get on the run, I won't have much time to do so, besides, I want to enjoy my wife (actually fianceé) a little more.

In another subject. Do any of you mates know what an aura is?. I discovered that recently. You see, since I was a kid I had the ability to see the aura of people. I always thought of it as normal, like having black hair or blue eyes. A few months ago I asked one of my internet mates "What's the colour of your outline" because I can't see the aura in photographs and he couldn't understand me. After a few hours we were able to understand each other and he told me that not everybody could see the aura. I was amazed so I did research and found out that some people think that the aura means something, I don't think so but... Well, all of this ramble was to tell you that, as long as I can tell, Slenderman has no aura and that creeps me out, maybe as much as the fact that he doesn't have a face.

The "operator symbol"... it seems like a protection but I ain't sure, it might attract him or it might just waste time, I don't know but I don't trust it. Maybe I should run a little experiment with it before I leave my home. I already have all of my supllies, but I ain't sure if I should take fire weapons or cold weapons maybe some of each one, but not the japanese sword, it isn't double edged and I will be too scared like to see in wich side is the edge. Maybe I shouldn't carry weapons because I have seen that they do not work, but I think that they will save me from a robery.

Jesus, I really don't know what to do, I am falling heads down into the wolf's mouth but I think it's better like this; if I stay here he will take my life down notch by notch until i have nothing lieft.

Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

So... he can freaking walk but can't eat a bullet sandiwch?!?

Ya saben la rutina, no saben quien es slenderman, no saben inglés, no quieren morir, entonces no lo lean.

It looks like Slenderman is triying to kill me, that or he wants the sweets I have on my rucksack but I doubt it. He has been following me, but not in a magical, special, evilish way, he just walks toward me, just that. He walks REALLY FUCKING FAST, even if I run so fast that I feel like my heart is going to explode at any second, he just walks behind me with no problem at all. It's weird... well, as weird as something can be when you take a 4 metre faceless suited thin pale man as normal.

Obviously, when you are in danger, you carry protection, right?. So I tried to carry a gun(specifically a Beretta M9, wich most of the american readers might recognize as the signature gun of their country's army) with me at all times, not loaded and with the lock (I don't want to kill the coffe shop boy when I look for money on my sling bag) and a magazine. I thought that the gun wouldn't be able to kill him but to at least stun him or delay him when he were chasing me.

A bigger mistake can't be made; he's not only immune to bullets, THE BULLETS DISAPPEAR WHEN NEAR HIM. The bullets made sound, the sparks came out, but when they were supposed to hit him they disappeared. I ran the hell out of there before that bloody prick could take me down while I tried to figure out what was wrong with my gun. I went to the park next day (the place where that took place) and I searched the remainings of the bullets but there was nothing.

I would try with a sword but... yeah, there's no bloody way I¡m getting so close to that freak, maybe a shotgun could do some more damage but that's too loud and it would cause a mayhem in the town. So far there's nothing that seems to do some damage to the slender fuck, I am so fucking scared but I try to calm myself by being arrogant and cynical when talking about this. Again, any help you can provide will be appreciated.

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Introducing and update

Gente que leía el blog antes de que comenzaran estas actualizaciones extrañas: NO LAS LEAN, NO SE INVOLUCREN EN ESTO, ALÉJENSE DE ÉL.

So, mates, in the last entry I was scared and in a rush, so I guess I should introduce myself more properly. My name is Travis Alan Walker (It was originally Fernando Antonio Hernández Navarra, but it was too spanish for me, besides, as a joke I used to tell people that it was "L" because I named myself Lelouch, it was fun to see them believing that I named myself behind a cartoon character). I have 21 years and I live in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. The cartoon character I use to represent myself is named Lelouch, from a series I never actually finished watching, but I picked him because he looks very much like me and I don't like pictures.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, one is older than me and the other 2 kids are twins that were born after me. My father left us when I was 6, but at least he had the kindness to inheritate us his wine making company, so we were a wealthy family. My mother, for some reason, always hated me. By today, whenever I go to Mexico to visit my family, she just goes out of town to avoid seeing me.

I have always been a fearful, idiotic-when-i'm-scared, type of guy. So, with the help of my grandpa (who fought in WW II at a very very very young age, so much that the war ended when he was 26) I got my hands in some (actually, many) guns and 2 blades: a normal european sword and a samurai sword. I'm now a member of the army reserves, so I have gun possession permission.

I have always been lucky with the ladies (very lucky) but right now I have a beautiful, wonderful, perfect fianceé named Claire Taylor. She has become the main reason of my living in the time i've known her. The secondary reason of my living are videogames, I love them, I work in a magazine about them. Fighting games, hack and slash and adventure games are my favorite.

But enough of me. I am sad of informing that I have seen him again, ever since I returned to England 3 days ago. I hope he forgets about me or that he is just stalking a neighbor of mine or something. So far, nothing has happened, but I'll be ready if something weird happens or if he decides to attack me... I don't know how, but I can't let him hurt Claire, or my sister, or my two lovely tenants.

Again, please help me in anyway you can, mates.

PS: I am a brony (research the word)
PS2: I am a very tall man, with 1.97 metres.
PS: I am addicted to sugar.

jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Slenderman has come for me or I am just daft.

Aviso: El siguiente artículo no pretende entretener ni hablar sobre tonterías de mi vida normal, es un artículo comunicativo/informativo escrito en inglés por el hecho de que la comunidad que conoce el tema es mayor en inglés además de que éste es considerado el "idioma universal".

Hello there, my name is Travis. I am a 20 year old male who lives in England and I'm half spanish half english, I spent most of my younger days in Mexico until I reached 18, once there I went to England searching for a old friend of mine (who always loved England) and started college in here, I haven't found her but life has treated me well since then. But I ain't writing this to tell you about my complicated, weird, almost-cartoony life, but to tell you about something that has been happening to me lately.

I'm pretty sure that most of you found this entry by searching for Slenderman-related blogs. So let's get to bussiness. I found out about Slenderman like 3 months ago or so, to me it wasn't big deal. I am a huge huge pussy when it comes to scary things but slenderman scared me for about 1 hour. A couple of weeks after that I was remembering my mix bag of chilhood, one of the better moments of it is a memory of me and my 3 brothers (well, 2 brothers and a sister) playing in the woods -more specifically a vineyard- when all of a sudden I saw a really tall guy, really tall, like twice the height of my dad-who is, and was, about 2.12 metres- watching us play. I was naive as any child so I just thought he was some sort of wine guard or something like that and that was the reason why he was so tall (although really thin). Almost every time we used to play in the vineyard this tall thin suited man was watching us silently. He was just there, standing far from us and watching. I could never see his face because of the distance between the two of us.

It's not until when I get to know slenderman that I understand who that man was and why he was like that. The moment I realised it I wen't screaming bloody murder for almost an hour, but again, after that I forgot about it. Right now I'm on vacations at the country of Seychelles but in the final weeks of my college semester I started to see slenderman when I went out to the convenience store for coffe frappé and nachos or something like that in the midnight (I'm not a person who sleeps very much). First it wasn't a big deal, maybe some mistake or I was just stressed because of having to make projects for two carrers at the same time.

Some 4 or 5 days before the semester was over something changed. He started following me. It weren't just casual sightings anymore. He literally started following me, not walking, but following me. Everytime I turned the street there he was. When I went far enough like to loose him, there he was again. 2 days before the end of the semester this shit became ugly. He walked towards me slowly. I was so terrified that I couldn't move. My bloody body didn't answered me. Thanks to god I was able to run in the last second but I couldn't lost him, he kept going after me until he forced me to go into the woods. There, he pulled out of his body something like a tentacle, entirely black, and tried to hit me with it. I avoided it and kept running away from him. By this moment I was screaming like crazy and criying, yelling him thins in any language I could in a vane hope that he could understand me. After a while, I lost him and get out of the woods.

After that I haven't seen him again. I ain't sure if it was just a mindtrick by the stress or if it really happened. Like I said, right now I'm in Seychelles, so if it was real that's the reason why he hasn't come for me here, he doesn't like water, or at least that's what they have said to me. I ain't really into this stuff of slenderman either, so I don't know what to do. I watched halfway trough of Marble Hornets and readed Just Another Fool, but that's it.

I'll make you know what happened when I go back to England, mates. Until then I don't know if I'll post more of this in here. Forgive me for the miss spelling but I am scared while I write this so... yeah. If you know anyway of defence against him it will be really appreciated lads.

See you soon.